Northampton State Hospital laborers with smocks. Historic Northampton 1992.57.204



Northampton State Hospital on Public TVNorthampton State Hospital on local Public Television
Interviews, insights and a brief history of Northampton State Hospital cut between tour of building exteriors, focusing on Old Main. Featuring Steven J. Schwartz, Tom Riddell and Rebecca Macauley.

Front Line, A Place for Madness, 1994A Place for Madness
PBS Frontline 1994 special on the closing of Northampton State Hospital and the homelessness of many of the dehospitalized patients. Featuring JoAnn Shaw, Jane Moser, Thomas Wolff and Steven J. Schwartz.


Northampton State Hospital, student nurses, class of 1903Nurses Gallery
The front line of treatment, nurses and nursing students were always an essential part of life at the asylum. For a time Northampton State Hospital led its own nursing school and like other services, whole generations of families were raised and trained on the grounds.

Portico of Old MainGolem of Lilith
Thanksgiving expedition at the coldest place in memory. Original Kirkbride building known as “Old Main” documented in black & white film stills after nearly twenty years of decay after being abandoned in 1986.

Northampton State Hospital by Kirkbride BuildingsFlickr Gallery
Northampton State Hospital Flickr Gallery images from the community. Images by firecomet, girafficshark, & others.