Ghosts of the past have finally been laid to rest.

From BusinessWest
Monday, June 22, 2009

teri-22june09The most prominent is the transformation of the former Northampton State Hospital campus, where ghosts of the past have finally been laid to rest. After decades of talk and bureaucratic maneuvers — along with $28 million spent on the demolition of numerous buildings, environmental studies, new utility installations, and other necessary measures to prepare the site for development — new residential and industrial growth has taken root.


  1. I strongly disagree with te acts in the artical above “Gosts of the past have finally ben laid to rest”. The demolishion should have not occured in this act to let wondering souls leave. And anyone who agrees with the demoliting has no value in the arcutectue of the buildind nor its history. Thus, the people responsable should personaly pay damages to the building. Due to there acts it is imposable to renew it to its original state.

  2. Time will tell if the ghosts are really at rest! This whole idea of making money WILL fail! I am a motherless daughter of one who spent 18yrs of her life behind those sad walls that covered the ugly truth. Until her untimely, very suspicious death, money was made off her torturous dehumanizing pain.

  3. with no jobs and people getting throuwn into the street/what a waste of money 26 ////million to destroy history that money could have been used employe familes to fix and repair the buildings make it a place to live/and work it did fine for 150 years it could have been saved /in return it could have saved peoples lives its dam hard out hear and our goverment better wake the hell up/and the people giveing them the ok to trow 27 mill in the trash/it would have gave alot of people some hope/and a little light of security thay could not build/with the quility/meterials and workmanship/to replace the buildings/and landscapeing/thair is so much waste in our goverment.thair are plenty of parking lots/in this country/we dont need to spend 2600000 to make more/we need jobs and nice old buildings/to fix up and put roofs over peoples heads/not vacant lots

  4. i worked at northampton state hospital for 34 years. in that time i have worked as a nursing aid, a charge nursing aid and a security officer and a campus policer. i was in and out of all of the empty buildings and the mourge and you know no gost.

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